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 "Whenever I have fears of Friday-the-Thirteenth -- that is, that the superstition about the date threatens critical thinking -- my thoughts turn to Margaret Downey (the Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Nurse). She has her fingers on the pulse of this issue and will administer a dose of much-needed reality."
—Joe Nickell (Investigator of claims of the paranormal)

 "I’ve always enjoyed “Downeyvents”, and I find her Friggatriskaidekaphobia parties to be a great all-around time.  My wife and I love the wonderful festive atmosphere that Margaret creates, especially when she’s dressed in her  Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Nurse outfit, holding an open umbrella, while standing under a ladder. You can’t help but have fun." —Dave Silverman, PresidentAmerican Atheists, Inc.

"When the contemporary Friday the 13th Superstition Bash was invented in the early 1990s, I was in the room. That first full length mirror that got a sledgehammer put through it for local news cameras? I put the duct tape on the back of it. In other words, I know a wee bit about how skeptics and freethinkers can turn Friday the 13th into an occasion for celebration and education.

"So take my word for it when I say that nobody -- but nobody -- conceives and packages Friday the 13th bashes like the Freethought Society's Margaret Downey. I recently attended one of her Friday the 13th events in the Philadelphia area. She filled an elegant yacht club with activity and close to 200 delighted guests. There was salt spilling and misfortune telling, to be sure -- but also  music, dancing, a full bar, ingenious contests, even a caricature artist sketching party attendees. Margaret (in the photo, the one without the beard) coordinated it all and maintained a sparkling tone throughout. She dressed as a nurse in case anyone needed therapeutic care as they part with a long-cherished superstition. And she wasn't the only one. This bash came with a squad of anti-superstition nurses.

TomFlynn sm"In Margaret's hands, a Friday the 13th superstition bash takes on the scale and gloss of a high-end charity gala. If your group yearns to hold an incredibly memorable event, just turn her loose. But first, hide any mirrors you want to keep!" —Tom Flynn, Editor, Free Inquiry

"What a pleasure it was a couple of years ago to romp through the evening bashing one popular superstition after the other in the company of the inimitable James Randi and the very creative hostess Margaret Downey. The shared anti-superstitious insights ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous and offered everyone a hilarious good time (with or without attending the liquor bars)." — Stephen F. Uhl, Ph.D., Author


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